Articles: by Mary-Jane Thomas

You Need a Will and Here's Why

This is not my area of law (I have plenty of capable lawyers in my firm who do this work). However, it is an issue that is constantly coming up and something which constantly frustrates me. I cannot understand why people do not have a Will. And I really urge people to invest in an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Here is why.


Just Be Nice to Each Other

I have a hatred of the misuse of the word Purport to the extent where I have advised the young ones in my office that if they use the word in the wrong context, I will fire them.

Such is my hatred of the misuse of this word that I have engaged in a rather petty argument with a lawyer in Auckland about her misuse of the word in correspondence.


Fair Pay Agreement Bill

The Fair Pay Agreement Bill recently passed its first reading in Parliament. This Bill, if enacted into law, may result in the biggest shake up to the employment sector since the Employment Contracts Act 1991.


What to do if one of your employees tests positive for Covid-19

If one of your employees tests positive for Covid-19 there are procedures you must undertake. Rules are changing all the time, so when you read this be aware there may have already been changes. Also there are many things that frankly are not very clear yet, but I’ll do my best to set out what employers currently must do by law.


What you need to know about the My Vaccine Pass

A My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your Covid-19 vaccination status for use in New Zealand. Having a pass will allow you to access certain events, entertainment and dining facilities, and other venues operating under the new Covid-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system) which comes into force in New Zealand on Friday 3 November 2021.