Just Be Nice to Each Other

I have a hatred of the misuse of the word Purport to the extent where I have advised the young ones in my office that if they use the word in the wrong context, I will fire them.

Such is my hatred of the misuse of this word that I have engaged in a rather petty argument with a lawyer in Auckland about her misuse of the word in correspondence.

On occasion I reflect on why I have been single now for over a decade and as I wrote this, I realised why – I am actually quite irritating.

That said, I have noticed this year that I am not the only person that is being irritating. I think we are all tired, stressed about rising interest rates and basically it appears to me the whole province has had a complete gutsful.

Hence this article which has absolutely nothing to do with employment law or indeed anything to do with law. I just thought that what we need in the province is a ‘Just be nice to each other’ day.

It is nearly spring. We have to get through the snow that will occur when lambing and calving is at its peak but once we get over that, please god we will all feel better.

So this is what I am going to do on our work ‘Just be nice to each other day’ which I have unilaterally decided will be Friday 1 September.

I am not going to ask what anyone has planned for the weekend unless I care – which I don’t – so I won’t.

I am not going to ask Jill my PA to do twenty five things at once and then apologise to her after she has done them all. I will ask her to do 25 things at once and not apologise and not be disingenuous .

I am not going to have a team meeting and ask for input into a decision and then ignore it. I will instead not have a meeting and make the decision unilaterally and save my staff from a wasted team meeting and by doing this will demonstrate to my team that at least on this day I am being transparent about my decision making processes.

Let’s make this day fabulous. Go the Stags!