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“PRLaw is our go-to for all matters employment-related and even a little beyond across our NZ branch network.”

Matt Harrington People & Culture – Advanced Personnel

“I couldn’t be more appreciative right now, very humbled and grateful to have PRLaw take care of the legal matters of the two estates, the purchase of the house, and all the incidentals etc., thank you all.”

Joanne Durdy

“Lisa, Sarah and the team are super friendly and make working through the hardest of times manageable. I was confident to put my trust in them as I knew they had my best interests on the table.”

Heron Futter

PRLaw provides a wide range of legal services to clients throughout Southland and Central Otago and beyond. Our ‘whole team’ approach ensures you have access to the best possible expertise no matter where you are.

Our highly experienced, friendly team are based in Invercargill, Te Anau, Wyndham, and Winton. PRLaw has had the privilege of being home to the Crown Solicitor warrant for Southland (encompassing Queenstown and Wanaka) for over 40 years.

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