Articles: Employment/Health and Safety

What Happens to Employees when you Buy or Sell a Business?

When you buy or sell a business there is a lot to think about. Sometimes what is overlooked is a proper consideration of what happens to the employees affected by the sale.


Trustees Liability under the Health & Safety at Work Act

In September 2020, a child was fatally injured on a dairy farm after his jacket was caught on a rotating shaft of a backing gate. The farm was held in a trust.

Worksafe filed charges in the District Court against both the trust and the three trustees of the trust under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


The Human Rights Tribunal - an alternative path for resolving employment issues

The recent decision of BGH v Kumar [2024] NZHRRT 2 serves as a useful reminder that the Human Rights Review Tribunal (‘the Tribunal’) is a potential avenue for resolution of certain employment issues.


Changes to 90 Day Trial Periods

On 23 December 2023, the Government changed the use of trial periods in employment agreements so they can now be used by all employers, not just employers with 19 or fewer employees as had formerly been the case. It is important that employers and employees understand the basics rules around trial periods.


Changes to Raising Personal Grievances for Sexual Harrassment

To raise a personal grievance, employees usually need to inform their employer within 90 days of when the issue happened or when they found out about it (whichever is later). An amendment to the Employment Relations Act came into force on 13 June 2023. This amendment changes the usual time limit for raising a personal grievance to 12 months for sexual harassment, rather than 90 days.