Mike Brownlie

Senior Associate

Qualifications: LL.B., B.Com

Admitted: 2017

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If you’re going to be teased by your colleagues for a personality trait, being detailed and particularly pedantic is not the worst of them. In fact, it’s one of the most important characteristics a lawyer can have. When it comes to legal matters, having someone that is pragmatic and applies a fine-toothed comb to the finer details is a must. That’s exactly how Mike operates. While some lawyers have tried their hand at a few different legal pathways before settling into their niche, Mike always knew he wanted to work in a courtroom. From day one, his work as a litigation solicitor has been centred around Crown prosecutions and family law, which often lends itself to relationship property. Whether he’s working through a case where a family issue needs a resolution, property needs to be divided between parties, or he’s presenting in front of a jury, his focus is solely on the issues and getting the best outcomes for whoever he is representing.


After completing his law degree, Mike moved straight into a role as a criminal and family lawyer in Christchurch (2017). With a desire to spend as much time in the courtroom as possible, when the opportunity to move to Invercargill came up, he lept at it. Thankfully for us, Mike has remained a key part of the PRLaw team since 2018.

Outside of work, he uses exercise to maintain a healthy balance and is itching to get back to traveling. He aims to visit one new place a year and soak up all the culture each place has to offer.


  • Crown and associated prosecutions
  • Family Law