Articles: Property Law & First Home Buyers

You and Your Fence

Planning to build a new boundary fence or need to maintain a current fence? The Fencing Act 1978 provides clear guidance for building or maintaining a fence on your boundary.

If you can, you should talk to your neighbour direct. Oftentimes, arrangements can be made between parties in an relaxed and straightforward way. However, even if you are on good terms with your neighbour, it is helpful to understand your rights and obligations under the Act.


Property Management Orders

Where someone is unable to fully manage their property or financial affairs because they are not mentally capable, a property manager can be appointed by the Family Court to look after these things for the person.


'Clean & Tidy' - Leaving a Residential Tenancy

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, when a person’s tenancy ends, they are required to, among other things;

“….leave the premises in a reasonably clean and reasonably tidy condition, and remove or arrange for the removal from the premises of all rubbish.”


The case of the non-compliant swimming pool

The recent decision of Buchanan v Tasman District Council concerned determining whether (and to what extent) a Council could be held liable for a Code Compliance Certificate mistakenly having been issued on multiple occasions for a swimming pool at a residential property.


Healthy Homes Standards - is your rental property ready?

The Healthy Homes Standards put in place minimum standards for New Zealand rental properties in terms of heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught-stopping. The standards come into force on different dates depending on the type of tenancy but all rental homes must be compliant with the standards by 1 July 2024.