Articles: by Anna Elder

What happened when Bob died without a Will

If you pass away leaving no will and your main asset, the family home, is in your sole name, this can result in your loved ones not receiving the assets you wish them to have or to be able to lead the life after your passing that you wish them to have and can cause hardship.


What happens if there is no Will?

If you pass away and have not executed a valid will, then depending on the value of your assets that you own in your sole name (not assets held jointly with another) your next of kin will need to apply to the High Court pursuant to the Administration Act 1969 for Letters of Administration to deal with your property after your death.



Having a baby brings loads of new responsibilities. One of these is to make sure that in the event of your untimely death, your children are now considered in your will. Equally important is to ensure you have nominated a testamentary guardian.