Articles: by Angela MacKenzie

Family Violence is a Workplace Issue

“Well, you look put together, you look all right, what is wrong with you?‘ That was how Melanie Brown MBE of Spice Girls and Jenny Craig fame described the reaction to her experience of being in an abusive relationship for a decade but keeping it a secret.

Our country has the highest rate of domestic abuse per capita in the world. Since our country was hit by the Covid-19 crisis, 2020 saw a rapid increase in family violence statistics and it has been predicted that this will increase further increase by 2025.


Why keeping accurate employment records is so important

In Shah Enterprise NZ Ltd v A Labour Inspector [2022] NZEmpC 177, a convenience store owner had to pay $28,000 after he failed to keep accurate records and pay the minimum wage. With this in mind, it is worth looking at what the requirements for keeping accurate records are for your business