What Happens to Employees when you Buy or Sell a Business?

When you buy or sell a business there is a lot to think about. Sometimes what is overlooked is a proper consideration of what happens to the employees affected by the sale.


Trustees Liability under the Health & Safety at Work Act

In September 2020, a child was fatally injured on a dairy farm after his jacket was caught on a rotating shaft of a backing gate. The farm was held in a trust.

Worksafe filed charges in the District Court against both the trust and the three trustees of the trust under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


The Human Rights Tribunal - an alternative path for resolving employment issues

The recent decision of BGH v Kumar [2024] NZHRRT 2 serves as a useful reminder that the Human Rights Review Tribunal (‘the Tribunal’) is a potential avenue for resolution of certain employment issues.


You Need a Will and Here's Why

This is not my area of law (I have plenty of capable lawyers in my firm who do this work). However, it is an issue that is constantly coming up and something which constantly frustrates me. I cannot understand why people do not have a Will. And I really urge people to invest in an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Here is why.


I've got a dispute - how do I resolve it?

When it comes to dispute resolution, there are many available options. Choosing the right option for your dispute is crucial to ensuring you can resolve your dispute in the most time and cost effective manner.

There are three main types of dispute resolution procedures: