Articles: Debt Recovery

Need cost effective debt collection? We can help!

If you are a business and are owed, say, $1,500 have you ever thought to yourself - it’s not worth trying to get it back, it will cost me more in lawyer’s fees or the fees of a national debt recovery company? Luckily, at PRLaw we have a pragmatic and cost effective approach to debt recovery, so the money you’re owed goes back into your pocket.


The Disputes Tribunal Process

The Disputes Tribunal is a quick and inexpensive way to settle disputes. Each hearing is run by a referee and they have a wide jurisdiction to deal with low level disputes over almost anything.


What is a Legal Executive?

A Legal Executive is a person who works as a trained assistant to a lawyer in a legal environment and belongs to the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives. A Registered Legal Executive is one who is registered with the Institute and is a member of the Institute.


Debt Collection

Are you having trouble getting people to pay you for services or products you have provided to them?

Did you know that it may just take a simple letter from us to get the matter resolved or a payment plan put in place.