What happens when you get an Employment Agreement wrong?

A good employment relationship is founded on certainty of terms for both the employee and employer. This comes from having a well-drafted employment agreement which clearly sets out the expectations, obligations and entitlements of each party. A well-written agreement can help maintain clear, productive working relationships and can mitigate or even prevent future disputes.


Sick leave entitlement increases 24 July 2021

As of 24 July 2021, the minimum entitlement for paid sick leave will double from 5 to 10 days per year.


Section 21 aka 'pre-nup' agreement- do you need one?

A section 21 agreement, also known as a contracting out agreement, relationship property agreement or ‘pre-nup’, is a written agreement that allows couples to make arrangements about the status, ownership and division of property upon separation or death. This agreement ‘contracts out’ of the equal-sharing relationship property rule under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (the Act).

These agreements can cover any and all property owned by either party and the parties are free to decide on the division they see fit.


Immigration changes

With New Zealand’s borders still shut to most countries, added pressure has been put on Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to process both visas for migrants already residing in NZ and those wanting to enter. In response to this, the government has announced a once-in-a generation reset on the immigration system, designed, says Tourism Minister Stuart Nash, to “get ahead of population growth and avoid returning to the pre-COVID status quo”.



Do you rely on a fire place or multi burner in the winter or are you looking at purchasing a property with one? If your answer is yes, there are fuel regulations you might not be aware of.