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Do you need a lawyer to refinance?

15 November 2019

Thinking about refinancing your home loan or borrowing money to do some renovations around the house? We have noticed recently with the low interest rates that more people are looking at refinancing.

So do you need a lawyer to help you refinance?

Not always!


Big Game Hunting Turns Into a Big Expense for Business Owner

29 October 2019

A recent determination of the Employment Relations Authority highlights the need for employers to comply with statutory minimum record keeping requirements.

On Safari

NZ Mountain Hunting Limited (NZMH) is a big game hunting safari business near Omarama. It has been in business since 1995 and employed hundreds of employees over its annual hunting seasons which start in February and finish in August each year.


Dealing with ACC? We can help.

15 October 2019

ACC law and its processes can be complicated and overwhelming for claimants.

We can help you deal with a range of ACC legal issues. This involves helping you navigate the ACC system, communicate with ACC on your behalf, review ACC’s decisions in relation to your claim, and ensure you get the support to which you are entitled.


Practice process - please!

7 October 2019

A recent ruling in the Employment Relations Authority highlights for the umpteenth time the costly consequences of an employer’s mistake in dismissing an employee without following the proper process and the significant cost of such a failure to follow process.