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Increasing Awareness and Protection for New Employees

1 May 2019

Many recent and upcoming key changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (the ‘Act’) are aimed at strengthening union and collective bargaining rights. They also increase awareness and protection for new employees, particularly where their new role is covered by a collective agreement (CEA).


'Mr Stinky' would fart and walk away

10 April 2019

There are over 300 different euphemisms for “flatulence” – break wind, pass gas, cut one, cut the cheese, bum sneezes, silent but violent, drop a bomb, drop your guts, crack one off, let one rip and of course, plain old farting. It knows no borders, everyone around the world does it and having dogs’ means they’re invariably always to blame. Whilst it’s even the topic of the world’s oldest joke dating from 1900 BC, roll forward to the 21st century where in the workplace, flatulence is often no joking matter and can instead be a source of a personal grievance and bullying.


Collective Agreements

27 March 2019

A recent landmark Employment Court decision confirmed the Employment Relations Authority (“ERA”) can exercise its discretion to fix the provisions of a collective agreement. The fixing of a collective agreement by the ERA is unprecedented and a first for New Zealand. The Court’s decision released this week was “one of the rare sort” which required a “game-breaker”. The effect of such a determination to fix a collective agreement means that ratification, and signing by the parties, is not required.


The Importance of Employment Agreements

15 March 2019

In our everyday work it is still a common occurrence for us to see employees who do not have written employment agreements and employers who have not provided written employment agreements to their staff. We also from time to time see of employment agreements that are outdated or contain illegal provisions .


Kiwisaver withdrawals for previous home-owners

12 March 2019

Want to use your kiwisaver to purchase a house, and have owned a property previously? If you meet the criteria then you may be able to withdraw your kiwisaver.

To do this you must make an application to Housing New Zealand (HNZ) to determine whether you meet the criteria. The criteria is to assess whether you are in the same financial position as a first home buyer.