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Warm toes - happy tenants

13 February 2019

Hopefully my weather forecast isn’t right, and it’s not raining as you read this. However it’s a good time now to think about insulating for the winter. It’s nice to be able to light your fire, and not have the heat leave the room within minutes of the fire dying down.


It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

30 January 2019

With summer temperatures rising over the last few weeks the question has been asked, how hot is too hot in your workplace?


Managing both Employees and Mental Health Risks in the Workplace

28 January 2019

The prevalence of those suffering from mental health issues in New Zealand has been a huge focus in the media this year. This has been further highlighted by the current governments review and subsequent promise to do more in this area with subsequent policy changes imminent. Naturally this issue flows into the workplace (given people spend over 60% of their time at work). Employers need to take mental health issues of employees very seriously. Further in order to discharge their health and safety duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSAW) employers are now having to ensure the psychosocial safety (not just physical safety) for those in the workplace.



21 December 2018

Entering receivership is not something any company wishes upon themselves. Following recent receiverships that have seen a large amount of media attention, including Ebert Construction who owe their sub-contractors a reported $33.84 million, it is important to understand what a receivership is, and the responsibilities of the receiver.