What employers wish they could ask in a job interview

I read an article recently about things that Employers cannot by law ask at a job interview. Such things as are you are union member? Are you gay? Do you intend to have children? etc etc. I thought of some things that maybe employers would ask if they could.

  • Are you a whiner?
  • Are you an eye roller?
  • Are you a loud sigher?
  • Do you have an overblown view of your:
  1. Qualifications;
  2. Ability;
  3. Attractiveness to the opposite sex.
  • Are you a princess? My definition of a princess is someone male or female who thinks they are special special special special. I was recently reminded by one of our male solicitors that I actually asked him this when conducting a job interview with him via e-mail.
  • If you had to lose your cell phone or your mother for a year which one would you chose to keep?
  • Are you from out of Southland and think Invercargill is cold/boring/uncultural/too far away from anywhere??
  • Does your CV accurately represent what your skills are or is it an example of your creative writing skills?
  • Do you struggle to take criticism constructively – by this I mean do you cry, threaten to resign, go silent and/or take a sick day?
  • Do you struggle with the concept that you are really only worthwhile to me if you add value to my business?
  • Are you looking for your next boyfriend/girlfriend in our work place?
  • Do you believe inter-firm or inter-team sporting competitions are for fun?
  • Are you on Tinder?
  • If I drug tested you right now what would the test show?
  • Given the progress of the interview so far, have you ever been diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies such as narcissism?
  • Do you understand that if you get the job you will be entering into a contract of service whereby I pay you and you do stuff for me?

Ask – I dare you!