Things that make me scream.

I drove to work today listening to National radio. By the end of my 10 minute drive I was so incensed I decided I would have to swap back to listening to talkback radio – or my sons Rap music.

The first interview was with a politician who in answer to questions replied “I could not possibly comment” at least six times.

Now recently mum and dad and I have taken to watching Tipping Point after the news at night. We tape Tipping Point so when I get home from work we can watch an episode. This involves us screaming at the TV when some “idiot” puts their counter into drop zone one when they clearly should have put it in drop zone four. We scream a lot.

I found myself yelling at the radio. How could someone think it was sensible to say “I could not possibly comment” every time he was asked valid questions about stuff he was meant to know about. For Gods sake he is helping to run the country.

The next story was a piece about how there was concern that our young people may suffer hearing loss from the use of headphones and earbuds. Some young woman was interviewed. She said that when she went to the gym she wore ear pods and turned them up really really high to get over the noise of the gym. She said she was worried that this might affect her hearing in later life. I screamed again at the radio – then why don’t you turn the volume down?!.

At this point I was travelling past the Batch cafe, stopped at the lights and experienced a rising sense of hysteria that it was not a good look to be seen by those having their morning coffee screaming in my truck. Jill, who is typing this as I speak, just said they might think I was singing at the top of my voice. If anybody sees me driving around town making gestures with my hands and appearing to be screaming – I am singing, I am not yelling at stupid things on the radio.

Things that make me scream in my head as an employment lawyer:

  • Firing people by text;
  • Employers who still don’t understand the Rules of 90 day trial periods;
  • Employees who think they are owed a job and don’t understand the concept that if you don’t like your job you are not an indentured slave – go somewhere else;
  • The fact that people still don’t understand what a casual employee is;
  • HR speak;
  • Some days – people!