Sick leave entitlement increases 24 July 2021

As of 24 July 2021, the minimum entitlement for paid sick leave will double from 5 to 10 days per year.

Employees will get an extra five days sick leave when they reach their next entitlement date. For employees who have worked for less than six months, this will be on their six-month anniversary date and for employees who have worked longer than six months, this will be 12 months after they were last entitled sick leave.

Employees who are already entitled to 10 or more sick days a year will not be affected by this change.

The maximum amount of unused sick leave that an employee can accrue will remain at 20 days.

Employers need to ensure any sick leave policies and employment agreements comply with this new law.

If you have any queries about these new entitlements, contact one of our friendly Employment Team.