Hey Santa - my toy is broken!

It’s Christmas day – the most wonderful time of the year. You look under the tree and see that Santa has done it – he’s left the toy you’ve been longing for all year! But you open the box only to discover that it is broken.

Usually, when your toys are already broken, or break soon after use, you would have a remedy under the Consumer Guarantees Act, which provides a right of redress against both the supplier and the manufacturer where the goods are not of acceptable quality or where they are not fit for a particular purpose. The Act gives you a right to have the goods remedied where possible, or you may be entitled to a refund.

However, the Consumer Guarantees Act only applies to purchases within New Zealand, it will not apply to gifts sent to you from the North Pole. Never fear, there are still things you can do!

Firstly, you could ask Mum and Dad really nicely to fix your toy.

If that doesn’t work you could write a strongly worded letter to the North pole to let Santa and his elves know how you feel about their faulty toys.

Finally, you could take pre-emptive action by calling Santa today and letting him know that your toys better not be broken on Christmas day – or else!

Santa’s phone number: 0800 222 222

Santa’s address:

Santa Claus

C/- Santa’s Workshop

North Pole 0001