Getting Paid!

Having trouble getting paid?

‘Can’t pay’ v ‘Won’t pay’

When recovering debts, differentiate those who “can’t pay” from those who “won’t pay”.

A quick response is always important. A friendly visit often works – knowing that you have to see the creditor in the street is a good incentive to pay.

But is a “pay now” response best? You are not a bank but if the debtor goes bust the chances of being paid drop.

Consider some of the following

  • Charge interest. Charge for recovery costs.
  • Set up a payment plan. Set fixed dates for payment, give a reminder before the due date and follow up if payment is not received.
  • Offer a discount for full payment now.
  • Take extra security eg a guarantee.
  • Agree to take goods or services in payment of your debt.
  • If you are supplying credit, reduce or stop the limit and go to cash terms.

Claw back

If your debtor pays you but then goes bust, there is a risk of a liquidator taking the money back. For larger debts, speak to your advisor early, as there are important steps to take to reduce the risk of “claw back”.

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