First Home Buyers

GOING, GOING, SOLD!…. Are you a first home buyer and not sure where to start? Or have you found the perfect home but are overwhelmed with how to proceed?

Don’t panic, purchasing property doesn’t have to be stressful. There are some steps you can take to help with the purchase process.

Work out what you want

Consider the type of property you want to purchase and what your budget will be.


Before placing an offer or looking for a property, you can approach the bank for a pre-approved loan. This will show a real estate agent or vendor you are a serious buyer and have financial backing. It also means you will be able to move quickly when an offer is made.


When making an offer, consider adding some conditions to give you peace of mind e.g.

  1. a builder’s report,
  2. a LIM report from the Council so that you are aware of any outstanding compliance issues e.g. consents for a new fireplace, some types of alterations; and
  3. approval for finance (if not pre-approved).


Before taking ownership, a pre-settlement inspection can be arranged. This involves making sure the property is in the same condition as it was when you entered into the agreement and ensures that all promised chattels i.e. heat pump, oven etc. are in working order.


Taking ownership happens once money and title has been transferred - by the end of settlement day the keys to the property should be in your hands.

Take the stress out of buying your first home. Our First Home Buyers team can help!