Dealing with ACC? We can help.

ACC law and its processes can be complicated and overwhelming for claimants.

We can help you deal with a range of ACC legal issues. This involves helping you navigate the ACC system, communicate with ACC on your behalf, review ACC’s decisions in relation to your claim, and ensure you get the support to which you are entitled.

Assistance with Cover and Entitlement Decisions

Cover means that ACC recognises your injury, and may mean that you can receive compensation and rehabilitative assistance. If you receive cover, ACC can help you with weekly compensation (if eligible), medical costs, work retraining, any specialist equipment you might need and other related assistance.

If ACC declines to cover your injury or decides not to provide you with entitlements, we can challenge that decision on your behalf.

Representation and Advice at Reviews and Appeals

Once we’ve lodged a review against a decision, ACC will appoint an independent reviewer from Fairway to hear your issue. We’re able to request your file information, draft the submissions for the review and represent you at the review hearing. If we require advice from non-ACC referred medical practitioners to support your claim, we are able to request and book assessments with independant specialists so they can provide evidence to support your case.

Following the review hearing, the reviewer will issue a binding decision. If you’re not satisfied with the result of your review hearing, we can appeal to the District Court and act at the hearing on your behalf. In some cases, you may have the right to appeal a District Court decision to the High Court and then Court of Appeal.

General Representation and Advice

We can assist you with representation and advice in any other dealings with ACC. If you want help dealing with your case manager, representation at general meetings with ACC, or at any medical assessments you are required to attend, we can assist you with this. Our lawyers are also able to attend meetings and assessments with you, to ensure that your views are heard and that you are treated fairly.

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