Articles: by Katherine McDonald

Dealing with ACC? We can help.

15 October 2019

ACC law and its processes can be complicated and overwhelming for claimants.

We can help you deal with a range of ACC legal issues. This involves helping you navigate the ACC system, communicate with ACC on your behalf, review ACC’s decisions in relation to your claim, and ensure you get the support to which you are entitled.


Practice process - please!

7 October 2019

A recent ruling in the Employment Relations Authority highlights for the umpteenth time the costly consequences of an employer’s mistake in dismissing an employee without following the proper process and the significant cost of such a failure to follow process.


Send In the Clowns

27 September 2019

Hitting news headlines around the world recently, Josh from Auckland brought a clown with him as a support person to a meeting with his employer, instead of the usual family member, colleague, friend or lawyer representative. Josh was aware he was likely going to be told at the meeting he was to be made redundant due to job cuts after the loss of a large account at the advertising firm he worked for. During the meeting the clown blew up balloons and mimed crying when the redundancy paperwork was handed over to Josh lightening the mood and no doubt taking the mickey out of his employer.


Availability Provisions in Employment Agreements

21 May 2019

The 2016 amendments to the Employment Relations Act 2000 introduced rules around when and how an availability provision can be included in an employment agreement. However there has been uncertainty as to how broadly the rules could be applied. The case of Fraser v McDonald’s Restaurants (NZ) Limited [2017] was the first landmark case to assess whether availability provision rules were engaged or infringed. Since then there has been debate over whether these rules apply to just ‘zero hours’ workers and or whether they apply to all employees.