Articles: by Katherine McDonald

Relationship Property - some common questions

23 October 2018

Esther Perel, an eminent writer and psychotherapist who has achieved huge popularity from her last two books and TED talks about relationships, had a few interesting observations to make when she went on a recent trip to Cuba. Cuba has one of the highest divorce rates in Latin America with 70% of marriages expected to end in divorce. It is a society where no one accrues wealth or owns property or things, so it’s much easier to separate – as there is no division of belongings and generally people don’t stay together because of the lifestyle or economic support that the relationship brings. In Cuba, marital relationships emphasise emotional fulfillment and minimal economic reliance. “If one is not met emotionally, why be married?” said one of the local female psychologists.


The Perils of Parental Lending

7 August 2018

It has become increasingly difficult for first home buyers to enter the property market in New Zealand. The amount of deposit required in most regions has increased significantly, with house prices growing at a fast rate in comparison to peoples’ incomes. Banks have put tighter controls on low deposit lending and a flow on effect is large numbers of first home buyers purchasing properties with the help of their parents. This is usually by them either acting as a guarantor on the mortgage or advancing funds as a gift or a loan to help with the deposit.


Businesses must pay employees for pre-work meetings

6 June 2018

There have been numerous headlines in the media lately regarding big businesses failing to pay their staff for attending pre work meetings.

The catalyst for this has been the recent NZ Employment Court decision where they ruled Smiths City Group must pay their employees for attending their pre work meetings.


ACC for Employers

7 July 2017

It is well established that Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) law and the intricate process in which it operates can be a very difficult system for employers and claimants to navigate. Consequently when an employee is off work with an ACC-covered injury, an employer can find themselves a bit lost.

Given that many Employers need help covering the basics here are some commonly asked questions regarding ACC that could make your life easier.