Articles: by Mary-Jane Thomas

ERA further endorses Covid-19 vaccine mandate

A month after upholding NZ Customs’ dismissal of a temporary employee for non-compliance with the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021, the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has further highlighted the role of the government’s vaccine mandate in the context of frontline employment.


When the bubble bursts - Can I be fired if I get stuck in Australia?

The Trans-Tasman bubble opened, paused, opened and is now closed again and New Zealanders have been trying to get home during the 7 day window allowed by the New Zealand government. So from an employment law perspective, what happens if an employee gets stuck in Australia for an indefinite period of time?


Covid vaccinations - can my employer make me have one?

Two questions:

  1. Can my employer force me to get the Covid-19 Vaccine – Unlikely, in most cases no
  2. Can I ask an applicant for a job if they are vaccinated – Yes


Post-election employment law changes

Significant changes to employment law are on the horizon following Labour’s election victory. These proposed changes are detailed in its Workplace Relations and Safety Manifesto policies. Employers need to ensure that they keep on top of what these changes mean for them.


Covid-19: Redundancy

Employers are entitled to structure their businesses in a sustainable and profitable manner. There is no obligation at law to have positions in a business that are not necessary.