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Hey Santa - my toy is broken!

It’s Christmas day – the most wonderful time of the year. You look under the tree and see that Santa has done it – he’s left the toy you’ve been longing for all year! But you open the box only to discover that it is broken.


Personal liability risk

A recent case heard by the Employment Relations Authority serves as a reminder that individuals, officers of companies and partnerships (including anyone who is able to exercise significant influence over the management or administration of these entities) can be held personally liable if the business breaches minimum employment law standards. e.g. fails to pay wages, holiday pay etc.


Covid-19: Help for Small Business

The Government has announced a Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme, with applications open now until 12 June 2020 (at this stage).


Covid-19: Commercial Leases - Rental

We have been approached by a number of Landlords and Tenants querying what their Tenant’s obligation to pay rental is during the lock down.

This will depend on the terms of your lease..


Covid-19: Mortgage Holiday

Covid-19 is infecting my mortgagee repayments!

New Zealand’s property market over the past few months has been buoyant. First home buyers have been missing out on a property when multiple offers are presented with buyers making offers above the asking price.