Articles: Property Law

Warm toes - happy tenants

13 February 2019

Hopefully my weather forecast isn’t right, and it’s not raining as you read this. However it’s a good time now to think about insulating for the winter. It’s nice to be able to light your fire, and not have the heat leave the room within minutes of the fire dying down.


Overseas Investment Act and Forestry

18 October 2018

Changes to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 will come into force on 22 October 2018. The amendments have implications for overseas persons looking to purchase residential land, and also forestry and horticulture land. This article will focus on interesting changes for the overseas purchase of forestry land.


Kiwi DIY

9 October 2018

Many of us have done our own renovation work to our property. One of the main ways onto the property ladder is still to purchase a dated property and do some renovation work to make it fresh and new again.

However when looking to do renovation work you need to consider the extent of the works you are contemplating and whether you will need building consent.


Trees and Neighbours

18 September 2018

Trees are a common backyard feature. They are home to wildlife, improve the quality of air and add to the beauty of our landscapes. BUT they also cause problems and occasionally fall down.

If a neighbouring tree is causing problems and interfering with the use and enjoyment of your land, what are your rights and how far do they extend?


The Perils of Parental Lending

7 August 2018

It has become increasingly difficult for first home buyers to enter the property market in New Zealand. The amount of deposit required in most regions has increased significantly, with house prices growing at a fast rate in comparison to peoples’ incomes. Banks have put tighter controls on low deposit lending and a flow on effect is large numbers of first home buyers purchasing properties with the help of their parents. This is usually by them either acting as a guarantor on the mortgage or advancing funds as a gift or a loan to help with the deposit.