Articles: Primary Industries

Employment Obligations - Time for a Warrant of Fitness

18 August 2017

The fact that dairy farm workers, in particular, often work longer hours than usual over spring makes it important for farmers to be vigilant during this time in ensuring they meet their legal obligations. We have written articles that have addressed this very point on a number of occasions. But the issue continues to rear its head.


Service Tenancies - What you should know

10 March 2017

A ‘service tenancy’ is where an Employer provides an Employee with a property to live in during the period of employment. Service tenancies are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act so the standard rules for Landlords and Tenants apply, however there are a couple of distinct differences each party should be aware of.


Changes to the Skills Shortage List

24 February 2017

Finding suitable employees for any given position can prove a difficult task for many employers. This has seen employers often become reliant on a migrant work force to meet their employment needs.


Paris climate change negotiations - what it means for NZ farming and industry

2 January 2016

The Paris climate change negotiations concluded recently, with 195 countries signing up to a new global agreement to tackle climate change. It is notoriously difficult to get agreement from multiple governments on global issues, so the fact the negotiations resulted in a consensus is a massive achievement in itself.

In the end, this is all about money and New Zealand businesses will not be immune from the impacts of this agreement. The global economy is largely powered by oil and coal with China and the US burning more than anyone else. Agriculture is also important because we need to produce enough food to feed a growing global population. The problem being that these activities, which are so important to the New Zealand and global economy, are also altering the climate, which will have the effect of making us all worse off in decades to come.


Sharemilkers' Responsibilities

6 March 2014

A decision of the Environment Court discussed the difficult position a sharemilker found himself in when working on a farm with an effluent system failure not of his making.