Articles: by Mike Mitchell

It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

30 January 2019

With summer temperatures rising over the last few weeks the question has been asked, how hot is too hot in your workplace?



21 December 2018

Entering receivership is not something any company wishes upon themselves. Following recent receiverships that have seen a large amount of media attention, including Ebert Construction who owe their sub-contractors a reported $33.84 million, it is important to understand what a receivership is, and the responsibilities of the receiver.


Overseas Investment Act and Forestry

18 October 2018

Changes to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 will come into force on 22 October 2018. The amendments have implications for overseas persons looking to purchase residential land, and also forestry and horticulture land. This article will focus on interesting changes for the overseas purchase of forestry land.


One Billion Trees - show me the green

8 December 2017

The Labour-NZ First coalition government has committed to planting 1 billion trees over 10 years. That sounds like a massive number, but it is achievable.

There are a few logistical stumbling blocks to get around first, like finding the land and the manpower to plant the trees. But these problems can be overcome if you have enough money to throw at them.


The safety of scrums, front-on defence, and your child

10 November 2017

British academics Professor Allyson Pollock and Graham Kirkwood have come out and requested that tackling and other forms of “harmful contact” be banned from school rugby. World renowned neuropathologist Dr Bennet Omalu also recently called for parents to stop their children from playing contact sports until they are at least 18, or risk them suffering permanent brain damage.

When Dr Omalu came on New Zealand TV and started talking about the damage head knocks can have on children’s brains, my wife immediately paid attention. Master A is 6 months old and is our first born. “He’s not playing rugby”, said my wife. “What if he wants to play rugby”, I replied? “He’s still not”, she shot back.