Articles: Immigration

Good Faith Obligations for Employers

22 March 2018

When we act for an employee in a dispute we quite often hear the employer say that they have lost “trust and confidence” in that employee to carry out their job as required.

The opposite can be true, where an employee may say that they have “lost trust and confidence” in an employer to say, keep them safe in the workplace.


Permanent Resident Visas - what you need to know

24 March 2017

If you currently have a Resident Visa the next step you may be considering is obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa. This would allow you to remain in New Zealand indefinitely and mean that you did not have any travel conditions attached to your visa, enabling you to travel in and out of New Zealand as and when you liked, whilst still remaining a Permanent Resident. If you aren’t eligible for Permanent Residency just yet, but are looking at travelling overseas on your Resident Visa, this comes as a timely reminder to assess your options and make sure you are familiar with the travel conditions that come with your visa.