Articles: by Gareth Davis

Buyer Beware

30 July 2013

More and more properties are being offered for sale as a mortgagee sale. This can provide the opportunity for a bargain, however the risks involved cannot be underestimated. Our advice? Before you buy at mortgagee sale, consult your legal adviser.

Here are a few practical tips to help you.


Building a House?

26 July 2013

You’ve found the perfect site, finalised the plans and specifications, arranged your finance and your builder has now given you a building contract to sign, but you’re not sure what you should be looking at.

The important question is: Does the building contract accurately record the terms agreed with the builder? It is therefore important to read your contract carefully and ensure that you fully understand its terms and conditions.


Minimise your purchase risk with a LIM

30 October 2012

When buying a property, you have the option of obtaining a Land Information Memorandum, commonly known as a “LIM”.

A LIM is issued by the Local Council (“Council”) and provides information that the Council holds on file about the property.


Avoiding Misunderstandings with a Lease Agreement

5 October 2012

The leasing of farmland has become increasingly popular over the last few years. There are numerous benefits to a landowner, however there can also be problems if the terms and conditions of the lease are not made clear prior to commencement of the Lease. To minimise possible problems it is important to have an effective agreement between both the Landowner as “Lessor” and the Lessee.

This agreement needs to set out the terms and conditions of the Lease, so as to avoid any misunderstandings or uncertainty between both parties.


Wandering Stock

5 October 2012

It is important for farmers to understand their duties and responsibilities in respect of stock on the road. Farmers are potentially liable for damage or loss that may result if an accident occurs.

Since the introduction of the Animals Law Reform Act 1989 (“the Act”) road users have been able to sue farmers and seek compensation for damage caused by wandering stock.