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Big Game Hunting Turns Into a Big Expense for Business Owner

29 October 2019

A recent determination of the Employment Relations Authority highlights the need for employers to comply with statutory minimum record keeping requirements.

On Safari

NZ Mountain Hunting Limited (NZMH) is a big game hunting safari business near Omarama. It has been in business since 1995 and employed hundreds of employees over its annual hunting seasons which start in February and finish in August each year.


Practice process - please!

7 October 2019

A recent ruling in the Employment Relations Authority highlights for the umpteenth time the costly consequences of an employer’s mistake in dismissing an employee without following the proper process and the significant cost of such a failure to follow process.


Send In the Clowns

27 September 2019

Hitting news headlines around the world recently, Josh from Auckland brought a clown with him as a support person to a meeting with his employer, instead of the usual family member, colleague, friend or lawyer representative. Josh was aware he was likely going to be told at the meeting he was to be made redundant due to job cuts after the loss of a large account at the advertising firm he worked for. During the meeting the clown blew up balloons and mimed crying when the redundancy paperwork was handed over to Josh lightening the mood and no doubt taking the mickey out of his employer.


No such thing as an unpaid trial

19 August 2019

Employers keep getting trial periods wrong and it keeps costing them money. Biform Limited found this out recently when they were found to have unjustifiably dismissed W after he had worked two trial half-days. It cost them nearly $4000.00 (not including legal costs)


Yes it's cold - it's winter.

24 July 2019

If you are an employment lawyer there are two times of the year where problems ‘peak’. The weeks leading up to Christmas where employers all want to fire people who have irritated them all year and the middle of winter.