Articles: Employment Law

Beware of Knee-Jerk Reactions

11 April 2018

Around twenty years ago when I started doing jury trials I remember that I used to smoke in the Crown room over at the court.

At some point the building was then made smoke-free so I used to hang out the window and smoke. When my boss, told me that there were complaints about me hanging out the window and smoking, I kept doing it but lit incense. (I was pretty anti-authoritarian back then and it has just dawned on me incense burning probably breached fire regulations.)


Good Faith Obligations for Employers

22 March 2018

When we act for an employee in a dispute we quite often hear the employer say that they have lost “trust and confidence” in that employee to carry out their job as required.

The opposite can be true, where an employee may say that they have “lost trust and confidence” in an employer to say, keep them safe in the workplace.


Volunteers v Employees

19 March 2018

Volunteers are a valuable asset to our community. Those who give up their time and help others whether it be for a sporting, cultural , school, or charitable cause all contribute to a sense of community.


90 Day Trial Periods To Go

25 January 2018

The Labour government has announced its first big change to employment law today, which is expected to have its first reading in early February; businesses which have more than 19 employees will no longer be able to hire and fire employees under the 90-day trial period scheme.