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August 2017 Newsletter

This item was posted on 31 August 2017.

Employers - do your employment agreements need updating to comply with changes to the law?

Recent law changes have placed a higher burden on employers to make sure the employment agreements you give your employees are up to scratch. The changes are significant in the areas relating to:

Hours of work – ensuring that the hours an employee is required to work is are clear and any flexibility in those hours is properly addressed in the agreement.

Availability provisions – do you sometimes want your employee to be available to work on a Saturday? If so, your employment agreement may need to be updated to ensure that the employee is provided with reasonable notice and reasonable compensation for their availability.

Secondary employment provisions – in order to prohibit an employee from having another job, the employment agreement must state the reason you want to do this, and it must be a genuine reason.

Shift cancellation – you are required to provide either reasonable notice or reasonable compensation to an employee for shift cancellation, and that must be specified in the employment agreement.

These are some of the key changes that have been made to the Employment Relations Act 2000 and will require many employment agreements to be looked at carefully to ensure they comply with the new laws.

We are happy to check your current agreements and advise any changes required to bring them up to date. Please contact Jill Henderson on 211 0910 to arrange an appointment or a phone call.

This item was posted on 24 May 2017.

Immigration reform - a mixed bag

Partner Mike Mika gives his views on the Immigration reforms in a recent article in the Southland Times.

This item was posted on 08 May 2017.

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