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I hereby offer you employment

20 July 2017

by Riki Donnelly, partner

By law, good faith behaviour is required when entering into individual employment agreements. The essence of the obligations imposed on employers by the Employment Relations Act 2000 is to provide employees with the necessary rights to address the imbalance in bargaining power between them and the employer.

 Often overlooked are the obligations on employers when offering employment to prospective employees. Let’s consider what must be done. 

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The Great Fish & Chip Incident of 2007

07 July 2017

by Mary-Jane Thomas

It is important in business, as it is in life, to read the small print. This is also true when you are signing employment agreements. 

I say this to lead into a public apology that I feel obligated to make following the Cottage Kindergarten’s disco and fish and chip night.

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ACC for Employers

07 July 2017

by Katherine McDonald, Solicitor

It is well established that Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) law and the intricate process in which it operates can be a very difficult system for employers and claimants to navigate. Consequently when an employee is off work with an ACC-covered injury, an employer can find themselves a bit lost.

Given that many Employers need help covering the basics here are some commonly asked questions regarding ACC that could make your life easier.


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Protecting your business from IT scams

05 July 2017

by Mike Mitchell, Senior Associate

Recent ransomware attacks have highlighted the need for businesses and their employees to be alert for IT threats and scams.

The WannaCry ransomware attack managed to hold over 220 000 computers hostage around the globe.

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Who is recording you?

30 June 2017

by Mary-Jane Thomas, partner

Under the Crimes Act, it is a crime to record a private conversation that you are not a party to. The offence requires you to deliberately record people in conversation who believe that they have an expectation of privacy.

It is not, however, an offence to record a conversation that you are a party to. Despite this, the legality of recording conversations where only one party knows they are being recorded does get hazy in the employment sphere.

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